Settling dynamics of asymmetric rigid fibers

E. J. Tozzi, C. T. Scott, D. Vahey, D. J. Klingenberg
2011 Physics of Fluids  
The three-dimensional motion of asymmetric rigid fibers settling under gravity in a quiescent fluid was experimentally measured using a pair of cameras located on a movable platform. The particle motion typically consisted of an initial transient after which the particle approached a steady rate of rotation about an axis parallel to the acceleration of gravity, with its center of mass following a helical trajectory. Numerical and analytical methods were used to predict translational and angular
more » ... ational and angular velocities as well as the evolution of the fiber orientation as a function of time. A comparison of calculated and measured values shows that it is possible to quantitatively predict complex motions of particles that have highly asymmetric shape. The relations between particle shape and settling trajectory have potential applications for hydrodynamic characterization of fiber shapes and fiber separation.
doi:10.1063/1.3562253 fatcat:7ie2hizetbfzrma2taysb7rwj4