Letters from Dr. Kirk, concerning Dr. Livingstone

John Kirk, Dr. Livingstone
1870 Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London  
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more » ... stone. (Communicated by the FOREIGN OEFICE, thrOUT11 L9RD ENFIELD.J <' MY LORD, " Zallzibar, Malch l0, 1&71. "I have the honour to forward, in translation, copies of letters just TeceilTed from Ujiji, from which it will be seen that up to five months ago Dr. Livingstone was at a place named Manakoso, and only awaitinC the me and supplies sent off by me last year, and that thev have now reached him, *or at least been forwarded from Ujiji to the place where he is. " It beinffl now time to close letters, for transmission by the present occasion, I sh.all not be able to malSe inquiry amon the Arabs acquainted with these parts as to the position of the places named, but which I suppose are on the western side of the lake. " JOHN RIRR." (T RANSLATION.) To (7onsul IDtrk, frons SAlertf BasA1eikh bin J7zzed I have to inform you that on the 15th of Shaban (lOth November), s messellCer came from the people of Menama with letters from the Arabs who are there, and olle frola the Doctor, and these lettels were dated the Oth Rejib (lSth October). In answer to my illquiries, they told me that the Doctor was well, althowlgh he had been suSerin; and that he is for the presellt at the town of Manakoso, with Mohamed bin Gharib, waiting for the caravans, beinO helpless, vvithout urneans and with few followers, only eight men, so that he cannot move elsewhere or come dolvn. AVe have sent off twelve of our lnell with American cloth, kaniki, beads, .sugar, coSee, salt, two pair of shoes, shot, powder, and soap, and a small bottle of lnediciIle (quinille). All that he xvas in need of we have sent to him, and I remain at Ujiji awaitinffl his orders.
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