DOA Tracking of Two-Dimensional Coherent Distribution Source Based on Fast Approximated Power Iteration

Tao Wu, Pengtao Zhang, Yiwen Li, Yangjun Gao, Chaoqi Fu, Bo Feng, Wang Zheng
2020 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Aiming at two-dimensional (2D) coherent distributed (CD) sources, this paper has proposed a direction of arrival (DOA) tracking algorithm based on signal subspace updating under the uniform rectangular array (URA). First, based on the hypothesis of small angular spreads of distributed sources, the rotating invariant relations of the signal subspace of the receive vector of URA are derived. An ESPRIT-like method is constructed for DOA estimation using two adjacent parallel linear arrays of URA.
more » ... ear arrays of URA. Through the synthesis of estimation by multiple groups of parallel linear arrays within URA arrays, the DOA estimation method for 2D CD sources based on URA is obtained. Then, fast approximated power iteration (FAPI) subspace tracking algorithm is used to update the signal subspace. In this way, DOA tracking of 2D CD sources can be realized by DOA estimation through signal subspace updating. This algorithm has a low computational complexity and good real-time tracking performance. In addition, the algorithm can track multiple CD sources without knowing the angular signal distribution functions, which is robust to model errors.
doi:10.1155/2020/3219516 fatcat:ksv2j3jgmfh3nb3ycmsswr7txi