Nanometer Thick Diffused Hafnium and Titanium Oxide Light Sensing Film Structures

Fred J. Cadieu, Lev Murokh
2017 World Journal of Condensed Matter Physics  
We examine 10 nm thick film structures containing either Hf or Ti sandwiched between two respective oxide layers. The layers are deposited onto heated substrates to create a diffusion region. We observe a high degree of light sensitivity of the electric current through the film thickness for one polarity of an applied voltage. For the other polarity, the current is not affected by the light. We explain the observed phenomenology using the singleparticle model based on the existence of interface
more » ... stence of interface states on the metal-oxide interfaces.
doi:10.4236/wjcmp.2017.71004 fatcat:unz6tyx6xba7lctl4qyx7szdbe