New Method of Treating the Itch

1814 The New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery and the Collateral Branches of Science  
Out of two hundred and fifty-two cases of croup, collected from different authors, eighty-six were cured and a hundred and sixty-five died. The catarrhal croup is to be treated:-1. By emetics, especially of ipecacuanha. 2 By dry frictions ; frictions with liniments of ammonia ; sometimes of ether ; blisters. Bleeding, says M. Double, will certainly hasten death in this species. 3. By the carbonates of ammonia and potash. The dose of carbonate of ammonia is ten grains once in two or three hours,
more » ... two or three hours, in syrup. Calomel and 6cneka may also be used ; but the former, he says, is more proper to prevent the disease, or its paroxysms, than to cure cither.
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