Educational Potential of Arts

2020 Zenodo  
The article is devoted to the issues of teaching and educating youth by revealing the inner resources of art. It determines the educational potential of art, and describes the ways of its implementation in conditions of education modernization; considers the functional possibilities and prospects for the development of the artistic culture of youth, including in the process of interaction of cultures of different peoples. The author dwells on the components of the national culture, and
more » ... lture, and describes state strategies, attitudes and guidelines in the implementation of the educational potential of art. Much attention is paid in the article to the continuity of traditions, national and artistic values of the Uzbek people, the formation of students' motivation to master the values of national and world artistic culture. Keywords: art, modernization of education, artistic culture, national culture, world culture, functions of culture, formation of aesthetic needs, aesthetic taste, perception of the world, national originality, national and cultural identity,
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4029309 fatcat:blgzyieohfdalhfk4e6v4mdjci