Compartive study on performance of the LDPC codes and turbo-codes used in the image transmission in the gaussian and rayleigh channel

Fayssal Menezla, Rachida Meliani, Zoubir Mahdjoub
2019 Journal of Applied Research and Technology  
The errors induced by channel noise influence on the quality of digital transmission. The latter depends on the probability of errors in the transmitted symbols. To control these errors, a technique of digital signal processing is used, including the information code to be transmitted. As these techniques are used for controlling the transmssion, they are called "channel encoding". In this paper, we introduced and studied two major correction code families' error; LDPC (Low Density Parity
more » ... ensity Parity Check) and the turbo code. We used our simulation model to evaluate the performance of a Gaussian channel. The results show the effect of iterative LDPC and Turbo code on the transmission and quality of information. Our numerical simulation has shown that the resulting image was corrected gradually as the number of iterations increases for both channels. On the Rayleigh channel, the image correction is obtained for a higher number of iterations over the Gaussian channel.
doi:10.22201/icat.16656423.2019.17.2.802 fatcat:3bsdvstzqzdhfnvj6u67sujqwu