Leonid I. Lurye, Mikhail L. Lurye
2015 Obrazovanie i Nauka  
The concept-theoretical problems of lyceum education are investigated. Lyceum as a type of educational institution is observed as a cultural phenomenon. Educational activities are examined from the cultural point of view that creates conditions for spiritual and moral upbringing, patriotic education, based on the true feelings and attitudes. The aim of the investigation is to identify the essential characteristics of lyceum education, its values, ideals and goals of development, its synergy
more » ... nt, its synergy potential in the innovative development of the whole education sector. Methods. Historical, cultural and pedagogical analysis of modern lyceum education from the point of the development of democratic goals and global challenges was submitted. The problem of personal identification in the system of social relations and cultural processes is analyzed. The problems of scientific knowledge about the lyceum education and their bases are studied. Traditions of lyceum education are analyzed. It is indicated that they give the coordinates of scientific thinking that require a philosophical hermeneutic approach to the understanding of modern life and the analysis of contradictory processes and phenomena of reality that provide the nurturing and development of the individual. The results of research have heuristic value. The creation of new schools is based not only on the search for a universal, repetitive, but on the study of special, exceptional, which is not only now seize the minds of mankind. It's required to anticipate the expectations of the future, based on the spiritual experience of Lyceum education in contemporary Russia Образование и наука. 2015. № 3 (122) 145 humanity in order to grasp the unknown, which can be revealed only in the most general outlines. Scientific novelty. The definition of lyceum education is given and modern features are highlighted. The technology of training professional and social leaders is identified. Practical significance. Historical, cultural and pedagogical analysis of realworld experience creating high schools and prospects of development of this type of education in modern society is given. The practical significance of the study lies in the fact that lyceum is considered broader than the school with in-depth study of specific subjects, but as a center of reflection and formation of innovative experience. Лурье Леонид Израилевич доктор педагогических наук, профессор, директор общеобразовательного лицея № 1 г. Перми, заведующий кафедры теории и методики профессионального образования Пермского военного института внутренних войск МВД РФ, лауреат Премии Президента РФ в области образования 2001 года, Пермь (РФ).
doi:10.17853/1994-5639-2015-3-144-155 fatcat:jupgz3lienc3pmhyuatmq45rf4