Analysis of ICU Treatment on Resection of Giant Tumors in the Mediastinum of the Thoracic Cavity

Nai-Min Kang, Ning Xiao, Xiao-Jun Sun, Yi Han, Bao-Jian Luo, Zhi-Dong Liu
2013 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention  
Objective: The purpose of this study was to assess prognosis after resection of giant tumors (including lobectomy or pneumonectomy) in the mediastinum. Materials and Methods: Patients with resection of a giant tumor in the mediastinum of the thoracic cavity received ICU treatment including dynamic monitoring of vital signs, arterial blood pressure and CVP detection, determination of hemorrhage, pulmonary function and blood gas assay, treatment of relevant complications, examination and
more » ... nation and treatment with fiber optic bronchoscopy, transfusion and hemostasis as well as postoperative removal of ventilators by invasive and non-invasive sequential mechanical ventilation technologies. Results: Six patients were rehabilitated successfully after ICU treatment with controlled postoperative errhysis and pulmonary infection by examination and treatment with fiber optic bronchoscopy without second application of ventilators and tubes after sequential mechanical ventilation technology. One patient died from multiple organ failure under ICU treatment due to postoperative active hemorrhage after second operative hemostasis. Conclusions: During peri-operative period of resection of giant tumor (including lobectomy or pneumonectomy) in mediastinum ofthe thoracic cavity, the ICU plays an important role in dynamic monitoring of vital signs, treatment of postoperative stress state, postoperative hemostasis and successful removal of ventilators after sequential mechanical ventilation. Keywords: Giant tumor in mediastinum of thoracic cavity -ICU -treatment during the peri-operative period
doi:10.7314/apjcp.2013.14.6.3843 fatcat:q47ncbr5jzgttf3bmekfrwfova