Behavior of Cu, Pb, and Zn in Ash during the Endothermic Burning of Mixed Industrial Wastes

Masafumi Tateda, Seisou Suzuki, Youngchul Kim, Bandunee Champika Liyanage Athapattu
2011 Journal of Environmental Protection  
The behaviors of Cu, Pb, and Zn during the endothermic burning of heterogeneous wastes were investigated using a variety of operational parameters, i.e., the mixed waste ratio, burning temperature, and burning time, to obtain fundamental knowledge to generate an optimal burning operation and recycling strategy for bottom ash. Changing these parameters had no impact on the Cu content of the ash, whereas the Pb content depended on the burning temperature and the mixed ratio, and the Zn content
more » ... d the Zn content was affected by all three parameters. It was found in this study that the optimal burning conditions were a temperature of 1100˚C, a time of 15 minutes, and either the current waste conditions or waste conditions with double the waste plastic and wood content. JEP (c) Double concentration of NH 3 (Altered condition 2), (d) Double concentrations of HCl and NH 3 (Altered condition 3), (e) Double boiling time (Altered condition 4), and (f) Double boiling time and concentration of HCl (Altered condition 5). Figure 3. Cu, Zn, and Pb contents in samples pretreated by Double concentration of HCl (Altered condition 1). Figure 7. The behavior of Cu depending on the (a) burning temperature, (b) burning time, and (c) sample types.
doi:10.4236/jep.2011.25057 fatcat:57wsagllpzexzkofcyjdtbrema