Discocyclina Gümbel, 1870 (Foraminiferida): proposed designation of Orbitolites prattii Michelin, 1847 as type species

A R J R Loeblich, H Tappan
1987 Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature  
The purpose of this application is to designate Orbitolites prattii Michelin, 1847, previously misidentified as Orbitoides papyracea (Boubee, 1832), as the type species of the foraminiferan genus Discocyclina Gumbel, 1870. 1. Discocyclina Giimbel, 1870 (p. 687) was described as a subgenus of Orbitoides d'Orbigny in Lyell, 1848 (p. 12), elevated to generic rank by H. Douville (1922, p. 61, 64), and made type genus of the subfamily DiscocYCLiNrNAE by Galloway (1928, p. 55). This was later
more » ... to family rank as discocyclinidae (Vaughan & Cole in Cushman, 1940, p. 327). 2. Orbitoides (Discocyclina) Gumbel (1870, p. 687-688) was described with six originally included nominal species, in order given as 'D. papyracea Boubee, D. ephippium Schloth., D. tenella Giimb., D. aspera Giimb., D. applanata Giimb., and D. dispansa J. de Sow.', but none was indicated as type species. 3. The first of these species, Nummulites papyracea Boubee, 1832 (p. 445), was originally described from the Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) of Boulogne, France, but was wrongly given the name Orbitolites gensacica by Leymerie (1851, p. 190), who type species." The Bulletin of zoological nomenclature 44, 162-163.
doi:10.5962/bhl.part.307 fatcat:itjxoh5ipbh4nhjgoc3x2acpsa