Evaluation of the oncogenic risk of diffuse gastric polyposis: A case report

Erasmo Spaziani, Marcello Picchio, Annalisa Di Filippo, Piero Narilli, Luca Pacini, Valentina Moretti, Pierino Lucarelli, Francesco De Angelis, Giuseppe Ragona, Vincenzo Petrozza
2012 Revista Espanola de Enfermedades Digestivas  
Benign polyps of the stomach undergo malignant transformation at a rate correlating to the histological type and size of the proliferative lesion. We report a case of a 50-year-old Caucasian woman, affected by a diffuse gastric polyposis of both hyperplastic and adenomatous type. At endoscopy polyps were more than 1,000, scattered over the entire gastric cavity. The patient underwent total gastrectomy. The perilesional gastric mucosa was characterized by the presence of either atrophic or
more » ... astic areas and by a mild dysplasia. A single tubulo-villous adenomatous polyp was also present in the ascending tract of the colon. The absence of both high-grade dysplastic lesions and outbreaks of neoplastic transformation well correlated with the histochemical and molecular features, confirming the highly proliferative pattern of the polyps in the lack of signs of malignant progression.
doi:10.4321/s1130-01082012000900009 fatcat:x4z4b2lmdratrczrcpbeyee6rm