Development of 4-D Trajectory Modeling using BADA
BADA를 활용한 4-D 경로 모델링법 개발

Eun-Mi Oh, Yeon-Ju Eun, Dae-Keun Jeon
2012 Journal of the Korean Society for Aviation and Aeronautics  
Four dimensional(4-D) trajectory modeling is conducted based on flight plan. The flight plan is divided into several segments which represent certain operating flight modes. Thrust, drag and fuel consumption rate of an aircraft are calculated using BADA provided by Eurocontrol. The trajectory is modeled with the rate of climb/descent calculated with Total-Energy Equation. The simulation results with a typical aircraft and its flight plan indicate that the trajectory modeled corresponds well
more » ... orresponds well with the suggested flight plan. The performance profiles including total endurance time and time history for speed, thrust, drag and fuel consumption were also appropriately generated.
doi:10.12985/ksaa.2012.20.2.001 fatcat:ghjf5lf6uvcgzfjco42ggwr6ne