Controlling and Curb of Development: The Case of National Management of Indonesia Mineral Resources

Ukar Wijaya Soelistijo
2015 Social Sciences  
Management control and curb is basically required in securing the success of development and public administration, where integral coordination, integration and synchronization between central and regional governments is necessarily required. Control and curb need to be expanded to sub-regional, regional and international across-country by the existence of global development and require familiarization as well as exemplary in this respect human resources. For successful implementation of
more » ... mentation of control and curb, national management system as a supporting element in decision making is required. In the case of mineral (general mining) development management, the intensive top-down and bottom-up coordination and cooperation between central as well as regional (local) government, private and community is necessarily required toward achieving its added value as high as possible supporting the national income. Especially, tough control and curb in the internal administration in terms of releasing mining permit standard and procedure up to supervision of the mining operation and mining reclamation and mining closure in line with the prevailing law and regulation. The method is performed in this study is based on descriptive and analysis with explanation of examples and cases.
doi:10.11648/ fatcat:zarmk26itjdzjpgwdxk3zg2mle