Groundwater dynamic influenced by intense anthropogenic activities in a dried-up river oasis of Central Asia

Wanrui Wang, Yaning Chen, Yapeng Chen, Weihua Wang, Tianju Zhang, Jingxiu Qin
2022 Hydrology Research  
Intense anthropogenic activities in arid areas have great impacts on groundwater process by causing river dried-up and phreatic decline. Groundwater recharge and discharge have become hot spot in the dried-up river oases of arid regions, but are not well known, challenging water and ecological security. This study applied a stable isotope and end-member mixing analysis method to quantify shallow groundwater sources and interpret groundwater processes using data from 186 water samples in the
more » ... Ku Oasis of central Asia. Results showed that shallow groundwater (well depth < 20 m) was mainly supplied by surface water and lateral groundwater flow from upstream, accounting for 88 and 12%, respectively, implying surface water was the dominant source. Stable isotopes and TDS showed obviously spatiotemporal dynamic. Shallow groundwater TDS increased from northwest to southeast, while the spatial variation trend of groundwater δ18O was not obvious. Surface water and groundwater in non-flood season had higher values of stable isotopes and TDS than those in flood season. Anthropogenic activities greatly affect groundwater dynamics, where land-cover change and groundwater overexploitation are the main driving factors. The findings would be useful for further understanding groundwater sources and cycling, and help restore groundwater level and desert ecosystem in the arid region.
doi:10.2166/nh.2022.049 fatcat:ks6nuujjrfalbiurmkfeuuupj4