"Vindicatio Historia Philosophiae: estudio de caso de los programas culturales estadounidenses y su confusión actual / Vindicatio Historia Philosophiae: case study of American cultural programs & its current confusion

Antonio Sánchez-Bayón, Gloria Campos García de Quevedo, Carlos Fuente Lafuente
2017 Bajo Palabra  
This research is focused on the main post-globalization problems, as result of History and Philosophy rejection, and their falsification (by postmodern veils of confusion). It pays attention on the last redoubt of Modernity (at large), The United States of America, where it is a prior emergence than in any other part of the West (given its domestic diversity and international exposure) to manage its identity, also its idiosyncrasy. Traditionally, American Cultural Studies had the responsibility
more » ... the responsibility for resolving the issue, however, after the cultural wars (1960-90´s), they are confronted and unable to offer a right solution (specially for the rejection of Western History & Philosophy by the New Cultural Studies). The methodology used is analytical (a critique of authenticity and comparation, evaluating its ontology, epistemology and axiology, also taking off veils), and empirical (a case study focused on US cultural programs and their troubles).
doi:10.15366/bp2017.17.023 fatcat:fnxw5xpt4fhnnklycbg2nygsai