Relativistic Fermion on a Ring: Energy Spectrum and Persistent Current

Sumit Ghosh
2013 Advances in Condensed Matter Physics  
The energy and persistent current spectra for a relativistic fermion on a ring are studied in detail. The nonlinear nature of persistent current in relativistic regime and its dependence on particle mass and ring radius are analysed thoroughly. For a particular ring radius, we find the existence of a critical mass at which the single ring current does not depend on the flux. In lower mass regime, the total current spectrum shows plateaus at different height which appears periodically. The
more » ... odically. The susceptibility as well shows periodic nature with amplitude depending on particle mass. As we move from higher mass to lower mass regime, we find that the system turns into paramagnetic from diamagnetic. We also show that same behaviour is observed if one vary the radius of the ring for a fixed particle mass. Hence the larger ring will be diamagnetic while the smaller one will be paramagnetic. Finally we propose an experiment to verify our findings.
doi:10.1155/2013/592402 fatcat:2s7e6ipavvc4rmafe456oa7q3i