Comparative Study on Material Characteristics of Joseon White Wares Excavated from Gangwon Wonju Province

Byeong Hoon Lee, Myoung-Gi So
2017 Journal of Conservation Science  
This study aimed to investigate the chemical properties and production techniques for white wares from the Gwirae-1ri 3rd, Songok-3ri 2nd kiln sites in Kangwon Wonju regions. Further, another aim was to determine the correlation among the materials used to produce the white wares. The analysis of white wares in Kangwon Wonju regions produced the following results. The excavated white wares were analyzed using the Seger formula, and all the samples showed similar clay sources (RO2:4.33-5.82,
more » ... (RO2:4.33-5.82, RO+R2O:0.32-0.43) and glaze sources. Moreover, the white wares were made of host rocks of the same geological origin, according to the results of the rare earth elements analysis. When the crystalline phases of the white wares were investigated via the XRD analysis, quartz and mullite were found in all the samples, and their proportions were similar to each other. Although the firing temperatures for the samples were different, most were fired at a temperature below 1,200℃, with some being fired at temperatures as low as 1,000±20℃.
doi:10.12654/jcs.2017.33.4.01 fatcat:dhpo27uwmbd7xgn3insjegq6ym