A new species of the catfish genus Cambeva from the Paranapanema river drainage, southeastern Brazil (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae)

Axel M. Katz, Wilson J.E.M. Costa
2020 Tropical Zoology  
The recently described catfish trichomycterid genus Cambeva comprises about 25 valid species, occurring mostly in river basins of south-eastern and southern Brazil. Fifteen species are endemic to the Paraná river basin, of which three are endemic to the Paranapanema river drainage. Herein we describe a fourth new species, Cambeva guareiensis n. sp., known only from the Guareí river. Cambeva guareiensis is similar to C. brachykechenos, C. cubataonis, C. diabola, C. davisi, C. diatropoporos, C.
more » ... diatropoporos, C. pascuali, C. poikilos and C. stawiarski by having a colour pattern consisting of dark brown spots scattered on the flank and can be differentiated by an exclusive combination of characters, including: the shape of the autopalatine; number of branchiostegal, anal-fin, dorsal-fin, dorsal and ventral caudal procurrent, and pectoral-fin rays; number of interopercular and opercular odontodes; number of vertebrae; and, insertion of anal fin, pelvic fin and urogenital papillae. This study indicates the potential for discovering a greater still unknown trichomycterid species diversity in the Paraná river basin.
doi:10.4081/tz.2020.63 fatcat:qevpbz5k3rdnfagcuecsa5qtjy