A.N. Prilukov, G.V. Sekisov, V.S. Litvintsev
2017 Russian Journal of Agricultural and Socio-Economic Sciences  
In the article some peculiarities and crucial turning points in natural resources exploration, harnessing, and deployment are overviewed. Alongside with agricultural production, minerals mining and utilization provide humankind with vital material means of its existence. Both productive spheres develop much in parallel and are serving as akin subjects for socioeconomic sciences. Progress and some outcomes of scientific and practical developments that took place within these spheres,
more » ... pheres, particularly concerning mineral resources management, are traced from the first quarter of twentieth century up to our days. KEY WORDS Natural resources, economics of exhaustible resources, effective mineral resources management, universal and institutional mineral husbandry conceptions. Exploration, mining, processing, marketing, and industrial application of mineral resources (MRs), along with agriculture related similar activities, represent essential parts of the World and many national economies. In the article they are viewed as congeneric and interconnected economic spheres, based on natural resources industrial acquirement and productive utilization, generally called natural resources management (NRM) [1] . Specifically, modern development direction of the World's industrial mining sector is overviewed, which consists in the sector's economic, technological, commercial, and informational processes management upgrading, thus enhancing the sector's overall functioning. Emergence and onward movement of this theoretic and applied direction, methodologically based on above mentioned processes combined and systematized handling, are traced from the time of Great Depression, which engulfed many countries and severely hampered both industrial and agricultural production. At that time the so called Economics of Exhaustible Resources research movement popped-up, aimed at counteracting and mitigating the economic crisis burdens and chores. Several decades later the notion of Mineral Resources Management (MRM) has emerged. In the article it is dealt with as multi-component complex of closely interconnected processes, engaged in geologic exploration, mining, processing, marketing, and eventual industrial application of mineral raw as well as profoundly processed materials. These MRM characteristics are illustrated by examples of widely spread activities, aimed at designing and implementing of high-tech Effective Mineral Resources Management (EMRM) systems that are being created to fulfill the tasks of diverse information gathering, its processing, formalized and essential analyses conducting, predictions formulating, administrative decisions adopting, automated control and management performing with respect to technologic and other processes and risks. Particular scholars' and countries' roles are briefly overviewed with respect to EMRM ideas development and appropriate scientific-and-applied conception varieties creation. Particular attention is devoted to Poland and Russia. Poland's role is illustrated mostly by its popular Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi journal's enduring publication, while Russia's achievements are specified by two Mineral Husbandry Conceptions -the Universal and Institutional ones, -which were at appropriate moment put forward, are persistently being developed, and in due time undergo upgrading.
doi:10.18551/rjoas.2017-02.10 fatcat:ty66ehuxwrbwzgsvg3dipwid54