Appropriateness of MSDS by Means of the Measurement of Combustible Properties of Anisole
아니솔의 연소특성치의 측정에 의한 MSDS의 적정성

Dong-Myeong Ha
2015 Fire science and engineering  
요 약 아니솔의 안전한 취급을 위해, 폭발한계는 문헌을 통해 고찰하였고, 인화점과 발화지연시간에 의한 발화온도를 측정하 였다. 그 결과, 밀폐식 장치에 의한 아니솔의 하부인화점은 39 o C와 42 o C로 측정되었으며, 개방식에서는 50 o C와 54 o C로 측정되었다. ASTM E659 장치를 사용하여 자연발화온도와 발화지연시간을 측정하였고, 아니솔의 최소자연발화온도는 390 o C로 측정되었다. 측정된 하부인화점에 의한 폭발하한계는 1.07 Vol%로 계산되었다. ABSTRACT For the safe handling of anisole, this study was investigated the explosion limits of anisole in the reference data. The flash points and auto-ignition temperatures (AITs) by ignition delay time were experimented. The lower
more » ... lash points of Anisole by using closed-cup tester were experimented in 39 o C and 42 o C. The lower flash points of Anisole by using open cup tester were experimented in 50 o C and 54 o C. This study measured relationship between the AITs and the ignition delay times by using ASTM E659 tester for Anisole. The AIT of Anisole was experimented as 390 o C. The lower explosion limit (LEL) by the measured the lower flash point for Anisole were calculated as 1.07 Vol%.
doi:10.7731/kifse.2015.29.2.020 fatcat:ailt7yj4sjbdhid4u7up7bqgwm