Microsphere Zirconomolybdate Sorbents for Extraction of Lanthanides (III) from Aqueous Solutions
Микросферические циркономолибдатные сорбенты для извлечения лантаноидов (III) из водных сред

Ekaterina A. Kutikhina, Elena V. Mazurova, Vladimir A. Parfenov, Elena V. Fomenko, Tatiana A. Vereshchagina
2017 Journal of Siberian Federal University Chemistry  
Micromesoporous zirconomolybdates with a specific surface area of 200 m 2 /g and pore sizes in the range of 10-40 Å (D max~1 5 Å) were synthesized under hydrothermal conditions (150 °С, 72 h). Microsphere composites were prepared by deposition of the zirconomolybdates on a microsphere hollow carrier with a macroporous shell (D pore ~ 2-10µm) resulted from the NH 4 F-HCl-H 2 O etching of a cenosphere narrow fraction (-0,08+0,071 mm) separated from coal fly ash of Reftinskaya power station. The
more » ... ower station. The morphological type "cenospheres with a porous shell and a smooth surface" predominates in the fraction. The sorption properties of zirconomolybdates and microsphere composites with different Mo/Zr ratio were studied regarding Nd 3+ cations as a surrogate of trivalent actinides. It was established that the thin-layer mode of zirconomolybdate deposition on the carrier and the increasing of a Mo/Zr ratio in its composition provides the enhanced distribution coefficient (up to 10 4 ml/g) and efficiency of Nd 3+ sorption (up to 85 %).
doi:10.17516/1998-2836-0028 fatcat:lgzl6dv6szcjjnuwhxj45a2iwy