Honey Mesquite Control with Pelleted Hexazinone in Western Texas

R. L. Potter, D. N. Ueckert, J. L. Petersen
1986 Journal of range management  
Hexrzinone [3-cyclohexyl-6-(dimethylPmino)-1-methyl-1,3,5-triazine_2,4(H!I, 3If)-dione] applied as 1.2 cm3 (20% ai) pellets in a grid pattern at 2.2 kg active ingredient (ai)/ha killed 11 to 22% of undisturbed honey mesqufte (Prosopis ghndubsa var. glandu-Zosa) 26 months after treatment in experiments at 3 locations in western Texas. Honey mesquite plants<1 m tall were less susceptible to grid pattern applications of hexazinone than were larger plants, probably because the smaller plants lacked
more » ... aller plants lacked snffIcient root systems to contact herbicide columns in the soil. Efficacy of hexazinone applied in grid patterns for honey mesquite control increased as soil clay and organic matter contents decreased and as the amount of rock increased. Results from a single experiment indicated that hexazinone pellets applied at 0.8 g Pi/plant near the stem base killed 48 to 60% of the honey mesquite plants<2 m in height, but this treatment did not control plants >2 m tall.
doi:10.2307/3899284 fatcat:zy3jbuqdz5eyxcrabxq77lxjma