Control of Instable Chaotic Small Power System

Samir M. Al Shariff, Ahmad M. Harb
2015 Journal of Power and Energy Engineering  
In this paper, we aim to control an instable chaotic oscillation in power system that is considered to be small system by using a linear state feedback controller. First we will analyze the stability of the mentioned power system by means of modern nonlinear theory (Bifurcation and Chaos). Our model is based on a three bus power system that consists of multi generators containing both dynamic and static loads. They are considered to be in the form of an induction motor in parallel with a
more » ... allel with a capacitor, as well as a combination of constant power along with load impedance, PQ. We consider the load reactive power as the control parameter. At this stage, after changing the control parameter, the study showed that the system is experiencing a subcritical Hopf bifurcation point. This leads to a chaos within the system period doubling path. We then discuss the system controllability and present that the all chaotic oscillations fade away through the linear controller that we impose on the system.
doi:10.4236/jpee.2015.32001 fatcat:hwdq5l4b7bbxvlosqpqxyqcr7q