KRAS Mutation in Stage III Colon Cancer and Clinical Outcome Following Intergroup Trial CALGB 89803

Donna Niedzwiecki, Robert J. Mayer, Alexander Hantel, Shuji Ogino, Leonard B. Saltz, Jeffrey A. Meyerhardt, Richard M. Goldberg, Al B. Benson III, Paul Schaefer, Natsumi Irahara, Donna Hollis, Renaud Whittom (+2 others)
Alterations in the RAS and RAF pathway relate to epigenetic and epigenomic aberrations, and are important in colorectal carcinogenesis. KRAS mutation in metastatic colorectal cancer predicts resistance to anti-EGFR targeted therapy (cetuximab or panitumumab). However, it remains uncertain whether KRAS mutation predicts prognosis or clinical outcome of colon cancer patients independent of anti-EGFR therapy.
doi:10.17615/65da-0r24 fatcat:endtmst6jbblxpzlb7a7a76nrq