Spirulina platensis growth estimation by pH determination at different cultivations conditions

Iracema De Oliveira Moraes, Lúcia Helena Pelizer, J.C.M. Carvalho, Sunao Sato
2002 Electronic Journal of Biotechnology  
Spirulina platensis is a cyanobacterium that has a high protein content and therefore, a high nutritional value. It can be cultivated either in a liquid or in a solid culture. When cultivated in aqueous culture the cell growth can be determined by following the optical density. On the other hand, when produced by solid cultivation the growth can be determined only indirectly, such as, through determination of the protein content of the fermenting solids. In this work the possibility of
more » ... ibility of estimating cell growth by pH determination was verified. From the results it was concluded that pH and protein production (solid or surface culture) or cell content (liquid culture) correlate well, therefore pH determination seems to be a good method to determine cell growth.
doi:10.2225/vol5-issue3-fulltext-8 fatcat:ke3un5qk5veo5grtyuhhdi7dey