Therapeutic effectiveness of modern antihelminthic drugs for geese capillariasis

V. О. Yevstafieva, V. I. Yeresko
2019 Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology  
Many years of experience in fighting and preventing of helminthiasis in waterfowl shows that the successful elimination of parasitic diseases is possible under the conditions of a complex of organizational and economic, veterinary and sanitary and special anti-parasitic measures, which must necessarily include deworming of poultry. The purpose of the work was to study the effectiveness of modern antihelminthic drugs for the spontaneous capillariasis geese. Experimental testing of antihelminthic
more » ... g of antihelminthic preparations of domestic production was performed: piperazine 45% (DR – piperazine adipinat), 22% phenzole (DR – fenbendazole) and brovadazole plus (DR – piperazine adipinat, phenbendazole). The efficacy of the drugs was determined by the results of helminthic autopsy and coproscopicof the geese of the experimental and control groups. The main indicators of the action of drugs were extensiveness and intensive. It was established that according to the results of helminthocoproscopic investigations, the most effective drugs for capillariasis geese were phenzole 22% and brovadazole plus, their effectiveness at day 15 of the experiment was 100.0%. Efficiency (EE and IE) of piperazine 45% was slightly lower and at day 5 of treatment, according to the results of the coproscopy, was 40.0% and 65.0% respectively, for 10 days – 70.0% and 76.0%, for 15 days – 70% , 0 and 82.0%. At the same time, according to the results of helminthic autopsy geese in the process of their treatment, the effectiveness of the preparations of phenzole 22% and piperazine 45% were lower. EI of experimental geese for 15 days with the use of phenzole 22% was 40.0%, and II decreased from 21.20 ± 1.16 to 2.00 ± 1.00 ex./head. In the application of piperazine, 45% of the experimental poultry EI for 15 days reached 60.0%, II decreased from 22.40 ± 1.12 to 3.67 ± 0.58 ex./head. Extens- and intensefficiency of piperazine 45% was 40.0 and 86.0%, phenzole 22% – 60.0 and 92.0%, respectively. It was determined that the most effective preparation for geese capillariasis is brovadazole plus (EE, IE – 100.0%), which is confirmed by the results of coproscopic studies and helminthic autopsy. Based on the data obtained, confirmed by experimental studies, we recommend the use of the drug brovadazol plus in the control and prevention of capillariasis geese.
doi:10.32718/10.32718/nvlvet9308 fatcat:czosx5ocoren7lso7snopkrbje