Epistemologi Bayani, Irfani dan Burhani Al-Jabiri dan Relevansinya Bagi Studi Agama Untuk Resolusi Konflik dan Peacebuilding

Wira Hadikusuma
2018 Jurnal Ilmiah Syi'ar  
Abtract This paper describes the epistemology of bayani, irfani and burhani in Al-Jabiri's thinking. Bayani is a thinking methodology model based on text. Irfani is a methodology of thinking model based on an approach and direct experience of religious spiritual reality. Whereas burhani is a methodology of thinking that is not based on text or experience, but on the basis of logical chaos. At some stage, the existence of sacred texts and spiritual experiences can only be accepted if they are in
more » ... accordance with logical rules. For al-Jabiri the burhani epistemology must be an epistemology worthy of being applied in society to reduce the habit of romanticism that seeks knowledge through illuminative. In the context of the Burhani conflict it is very relevant in resolving conflicts or peace bulding.
doi:10.29300/syr.v18i1.1510 fatcat:wnkgpv4etjdltchck3ngiu7nsu