The Emotional Quality of Musical Sound Interface to Understand Contexts. With the Case of Using a Smartphone

Jae-Eul Bae, Hyeon-Jung Suk, Myung-Suk Kim
2020 Zenodo  
Musical sound interfaces that were diverse in their tonality and pitch were employed to investigate the influence of emotions on contextual interpretation; two empirical studies using a smartphone platform were conducted. The measured appropriateness of the interfaces for several purposes determined the influence of emotions on the perception of context, revealing a significant relation between the interfaces' emotional qualities, which were rated in terms of pleasure and arousal, and the
more » ... usal, and the perceived context represented by appropriateness. In addition, the contextual attributes of the interfaces measured by verbal estimation were shown to be correlated with the sounds' pleasure and arousal. Throughout the studies the effect of emotional qualities on the musical interfaces' contextual attributes were verified, and the implementation of findings required further explorations.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3855115 fatcat:pmecorqz5bfuxg423mmmnr4yx4