Simple Database Construction Using Local Sources of Data

D. T. Gerber, D. T. Gerber
2005 The American history teacher  
Word count: 3,151 2 "Information is all around us -often in such great quantities that we are unable to make sense of it. A set of data can be represented by a few summary characteristics that may reveal or conceal important aspects of it. Statistics is a form of mathematics that develops useful ways for organizing and analyzing large amounts of data." AAAS (1990, p. 137) Abstract: With the increased accessibility of information in our society, databases have become a common way to organize and
more » ... distribute data. To best understand how information is organized in a database, students need to see firsthand how they are constructed. Construction of three simple databases using a spreadsheet is described here and basic summary statistics are provided for each. Recommendations for building simple databases using a computer spreadsheet and the statistical analysis of its data are given. Introduction: As in the above quote, information is truly all around us. Many of the
doi:10.2307/4451809 fatcat:lwecibwljjdh3jtkrgtd4vkfvu