Prediction of Length of Study of Student Applicants Using Case Based Reasoning

Ulfi Saidata Aesyi, Retantyo Wardoyo
2019 IJCCS (Indonesian Journal of Computing and Cybernetics Systems)  
Graduation is important matter in college. Length of study can be used to evaluate curriculum. It affect accreditation score of the sutdy program. Based on Akreditasi Program Studi Magister Buku V Pedoman Penilaian Instrumen Akreditasi 3rd standard there is rule about students and graduation, such as profile of the graduates including average length of study time and gpa (grade point average) of graduates.In this study, system built to predict Gadjah Mada University Master of Computer Science
more » ... Computer Science student applicant's length of study. It used new case with 13 features from applicant that will be predict as new case, then calculate local similarity using euclidean distance and hamming distance while global similarity using nearest neighbor. Maximum value of global similarity taken as solution while revised will be done if it's value below threshold.Result of this study show that system can help study program to manage educational process. It show 76% accuracy of 50 data.
doi:10.22146/ijccs.28076 fatcat:ucn3bhb4p5a33etkd6dt52qeyq