Comparative analysis of spectral coherence in microresonator frequency combs

Victor Torres-Company, David Castelló-Lurbe, Enrique Silvestre
2014 Optics Express  
Citation for the published paper: Torres Company, V. ; Castello-Lurbe, D. ; Silvestre, E. (2014) "Comparative analysis of spectral coherence in microresonator frequency combs". Optics Express Abstract: Microresonator combs exploit parametric oscillation and nonlinear mixing in an ultrahigh-Q cavity. This new comb generator offers unique potential for chip integration and access to high repetition rates. However, time-domain studies reveal an intricate spectral coherence behavior in this type of
more » ... ior in this type of platform. In particular, coherent, partially coherent or incoherent combs have been observed using the same microresonator under different pumping conditions. In this work, we provide a numerical analysis of the coherence dynamics that supports the above experimental findings and verify particular design rules to achieve spectrally coherent microresonator combs. A particular emphasis is placed in understanding the differences between so-called Type I and Type II combs.
doi:10.1364/oe.22.004678 pmid:24663786 fatcat:ymwx7ssrfffvzj2t6jszlmaqfm