Ostapenko V.A.
2016 International Journal of Advanced Research  
The new type of energy that is Eco Physical hydrogen Energy of Photons (EFhEF energy) is introduced. This allows the clear classification of kinds of energy: chemical (molecules), physical (atoms) and quantum (nuclear). Physical energy of photons is hydrogen energy that is the most common element in the Universe. The author performed the most comprehensive calculation of hydrogen plasma in the annex to the active (flare) processes in the solar atmosphere, which revealed the managed nature of
more » ... anaged nature of the process of energy realization of hydrogen negative ions in plasma volume and the ability to generate this energy by man in the laboratory. Continuous radiation of negative hydrogen ions is a new (ecologically clean) type of energy that has not so far been used on Earth in such capacity. The terrestrial wildlife (for billions of years already) has benefited of this physical energetics (of hydrogen negative ion) in the form of individual photons of radiation of the photosphere of the Sun. Successful development and inheritance of the experience of managed organic synthesis (of air CO 2 ) allows us to engage in the full cycle of autonomous survival. The main problem of physics of solar flares has been solved. Magnetic field energy is a primary source of active processes in solar plasma. Current sheets (CS) of S. I. Syrovatskij are the mechanism of magnetic energy transformation into plasma energy. The first current sheet in the Nature was discovered in flare spectrum, calculated and researched experimentally. The current sheet is not discovered in a flare, as expected. As a matter of fact, solar flare is itself a current sheet, its direct observed development in chromosphere plasma. Continuous current sheet radiation is the «black» (csBLF) and the «white» (csWLF) flare (like light of Sun photosphere). It is the negative hydrogen ion excitation upon reaching hydrogen plasma density of ˃5 10 17 cm -3 . The results are obtained on the base of: 1. Observations of the spectra of solar flares with the solar telescope with echelle-spectrograph and their photometric analysis with the 40-channel CCD densitometer MF4A. 2. The macro-turbulent plasma theory of spectral lines profiles of 3D-entities with intense directional plasma flows. 3. The decision of the full (with no limit on the number of quantum levels) system of stationary equations for discrete radiation and transfer equations for Corresponding Author:-Ostapenko V. A. Address:-Acad. of UkrAS, Ukraine, Kiev.
doi:10.21474/ijar01/2060 fatcat:mhssyim6i5hh5mlnqcrdofthgi