Forward and Inverse Kinematic Analysis and Validation of the ABB IRB 140 Industrial Robot

Mohammed Almaged
2017 International Journal of Electronics, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering  
The main goal of this paper is to derive the forward and inverse kinematic model of the ABB IRB 140 industrial manipulator. Denavit-Hartenberg analysis (DH) is presented to write the forward kinematic equations. Initially, a coordinate system is attached to each of the six links of the manipulator. Then, the corresponding four link parameters are determined for each link to construct the six transformation matrices ( T � ��� � that define each frame ��� relative to the previous one {i-1}.
more » ... to develop the kinematics that calculates the required joint angles (θ � �� θ � ���both geometrical and analytical approaches are used to solve the inverse kinematic problem. After introducing the forward and inverse kinematic models, a MATLAB code is written to obtain the solutions of these models. Then, the forward kinematics is validated by examining a set of known positions of the robot arm, while the inverse kinematics is checked by comparing the results obtained in MATLAB with a simulation in Robot Studio.
doi:10.17932/iau.ijemme.21460604.2017.7/2.1383-1401 fatcat:c3zu3ekl45afjhrmoaxz6r7pp4