Numerical investigation of mixed convective flow in parallel channel filled with porous medium

Ashok Kumar, Pravez Alam, S. Kapoor
2014 Nonlinear Engineering  
AbstractThe present manuscript reports a numerical investigation of fully developed mixed convective flow in a parallel channel filled with porous medium. The motion in the channel is induced by external pressure gradient and buoyancy force. The non-Darcy Brinkman-Forchheimer extended model has been used. The Chebyshev spectral collocation method has been used to solve the coupled differential equations numerically. The main emphesize has been given on the influence of Forchheimer number (F),
more » ... eimer number (F), Darcy number (Da) and Rayleigh number (Ra) on velocity and temperature profiles. From this investegation we have found that the velocity aswell as temperature profiles possess point of inflection beyond a threshold value of Ra. The back flow starts near the center of the channel on increasing the value of Ra beyond the threshold value of Ra. The point of inflection on the velocity as well as temperature profile dies out on decreasing of Da. The strength of the velocity is decreases on the increasing of F', it also changes the velocity profile drastically. The point of inflection on the basic flow dies out on increasing of F'.
doi:10.1515/nleng-2014-0016 fatcat:64beheq3lzdn5hap6i2zyxxdaa