Level of medication self-management capacity among patients on ambulatory care exiting hospital pharmacy at Muhimbili National hospital, Tanzania: a descriptive cross-sectional study [post]

2019 unpublished
Objectives: Medication management capacity of a patient on ambulatory care is direct related to adherence. To our knowledge data on medication management capacity for ambulatory care patients exiting outpatient pharmacy outlets in Tanzania are scarce. This study aimed to determine the level of medication management capacity among patients on ambulatory care exiting Muhimbili National Hospital outpatient pharmacy outlet. Results: A total of 424 patients on ambulatory care participated in the
more » ... icipated in the study. Three hundred eighty seven (91.3%) out of 424 interview questionnaires had complete data and qualified for data analysis. Majority (62.3%) out of 387 study participants had poor medication management capacity; 65.3% out of 387 patients were unable to correctly read the prescription and match the drugs they are carrying. More than half (57.4%) out of 387 participants were unable to correctly take the dose, 73.9% out of 387 were unable to correctly tell the dosing frequency and duration. Only 10.6% out 155 patients with prescription containing drugs with warning or precaution or contraindication or potential side effects were aware.
doi:10.21203/rs.2.13245/v3 fatcat:b7maf5qc3naptfnm4idifclyyy