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1920 English Historical Review  
REVIEWS OF BOOKS 133 than to publish a transcript of it. One may be allowed to lay down three desiderata : (1) approximate dates should, be assigned to all deeds that are not dated; (2) where the originals of the deeds exist, these should be printed in place of the transcript in the chartulary, and where the originals are lost but independent transcripts exist, these should be collated with the chartulary ; (3) the chartulary should, if possible, be supplemented by any additional title-deeds
more » ... onal title-deeds that can be derived from other sources. Mr. Atkinson's edition of the first volume of Furness failed in these respects, and has been rightly criticized because he omitted to make use of the original monastic deeds among the records of the duchy of Lancaster in the Public Kecord Office. The originals of about a third of the deeds entered in the coucher-book still survive, and not only provide a better text than John SteO's transcript, but supply the full list of witnesses which Stell usually abridges or entirely omits. Mr. Brownbill not only adopts a better method in his edition of the second volume, but makes full amends for the deficiencies of the first volume by an ample series of notes and additions to it (pp. 729-808). He also gives as separate appendices an interesting series of Irish charters and of documents relating to the Isle of Man, to which the abbots of Furness had the right of appointing a bishop, and prints a selection of ministers' accounts, court-rolls, and ancient petitions of the abbey. Perhaps additional illustrative matter might have been obtained from the little known and little used books of the Land Revenue Office which are rich in material for the history of monastic properties immediately before and after the suppression. Part III of Mr. Brownbill's work contains, in addition to the appendices already noticed, two excellently constructed indexes and a first-rate review' of the charters contained in the body of the work.
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