Inactivation and Heat Stabilization of Poliovirus by 2-Thiouracil 1

Frances M. Steele, Francis L. Black
1967 Journal of Virology  
Treatment of poliovirus Type I with 10-3 M 2-thiouracil (2-TU) resulted in the inactivation of greater than 90% of the virus infectivity and stabilization of approximately 50% of the residual virus to heat inactivation. These effects were due to a reaction with the protein moiety of the virus and could be blocked by pretreatment of the virus with L-cystine or of the drug with cysteine. Both inactivation and stabilization occurred synchronously and reached equilibrium at the same time. Neither
more » ... ame time. Neither process was reversed by reducing agents. It is suggested that an oxidized form of 2-TU reacts. with capsid sulfhydryl groups to form a product which is stable in either the inactive or heat-resistant form. on May 9, 2020 by guest
doi:10.1128/jvi.1.4.653-658.1967 fatcat:ydu5kefs45d63fsgalcotrbtm4