The Cultivation and SeleniumEnrichment of SeleniumEnriched Earthworm

SUN Xiao-fei, QIAO Yu-hui, SUN Zhen-jun, WANG Chong, LI Hua-fen, YUE Shi-zhong
2014 Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment  
As a bio-carrier, Eisenia fetida was fed with cow dung that added with sodium selenite in order to transfer inorganic selenium(Se) into organic selenium. Targeting on survival rate and selenium content, the effects of five Se concentrations(0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 mg·kg-1) and four cultivation periods(15, 30, 45, 60 d)on earthworm growth and Se contents were investigated. The cultivation method with high survival rate, high Se content of earthworm and short breeding time would be screened out.
more » ... e experimental results showed that the earthworm survival rate decreased and the Se content in earthworm increased with the increase of Se application and the extension of breeding time. The most optimummethod was screened out when the Se concentration was 80 mg·kg-1 and the cultivation period was 45 days, Se content in earthworm was up to 33.25 mg·kg-1.
doi:10.13254/j.jare.2014.0247 doaj:97effae37f28487b9b04b1d306380889 fatcat:qj7sa62fmnei5ghmadyltuzzme