Fabrication of Sio2-based microcantilevers by anisotropic chemical etching of (100) single crystal Si

Vesna Jovic, Jelena Lamovec, Mirjana Popovic, Zarko Lazic
2007 Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society  
The undercutting process of thermal SiO 2 microcantilevers with different orientations on (100) Si wafer was studied. The silicon substrate was removed by anisotropic chemical etching with a 25 wt. % aqueous solution of TMAH or a 30 wt. % aqueous KOH solution at 80 °C. It was found that 〈110〉 oriented cantilevers were undercutting frontally along the length and 〈100〉 oriented cantilevers experience undercutting along the width of the cantilever, which is a less time consuming process. The
more » ... process. The studies showed that the 〈100〉 orientation of SiO 2 microbridges enables theirs fabrication on a (100) oriented Si substrate.
doi:10.2298/jsc0711127j fatcat:bkacdwu2fvabxmxpuw4n755txe