A aquisição do princípio C da teoria de ligação em português brasileiro: questões metodológicas

Elaine Grolla
2013 Revista de Estudos da Linguagem  
Resumo A distribuição de expressões referenciais nas línguas naturais é regulada pelo princípio C. Assume-se que tal princípio é universal, GROLLA Palavras-chave Princípio C, metodologias experimentais, catáfora, anáfora. Abstract The distribution of referential expressions in natural languages is regulated by the Principle C. It is generally assumed that this principle is universal, operating in all languages. The goal of this study is to investigate children's knowledge about the Principle C.
more » ... ut the Principle C. Our subjects are Brazilian Portuguese-speaking children ranging from 4;0 to 6;6 years. More specifically, we investigate the acquisition of Principle C by means of two different methods: the grammar judgment task (GJT) and the truth-value judgment task (TVJJ). This is intended to address some critiques found in the literature arguing that the TVJJ might not be appropriate for testing Principle C cases. Using two methods for testing the same structures with the same children, we were able to check potential differences in children's behavior by using these two methods. In general, the results suggest that children from 4;0 on display knowledge about Principle C, since they rejectviolations of the principle. The results also suggest that the TVJJ is appropriate for testing this principle. Keywords Principle C, experimental methodologies, backward anaphora, forward anaphora.
doi:10.17851/2237-2083.21.2.9-34 fatcat:fxx6ssvrjzhg3fozbnclv2ieza