Phase Grouping of Larmor Electrons by a Synchronous Wave in Controlled Magnetrons

Grigory Kazakevich, Rolland Johnson, Valeri Lebedev, Vyacheslav Yakovlev, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), Satogata, Todd (Ed.)
A simplified analytical model based on the charge drift approximation has been developed. It considers the resonant interaction of the synchronous wave with the flow of Larmor electrons in a magnetron. The model predicts stable coherent generation of the tube above and below the threshold of self-excitation. This occurs if the magnetron is driven by a sufficient resonant injected signal (up to -10 dB). The model substantiates precise stability, high efficiency and low noise at the range of the
more » ... t the range of the magnetron power control over 10 dB by variation of the magnetron current. The model and the verifying experiments with 2.45 GHz, 1 kW magnetrons are discussed.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2018-thpal038 fatcat:cceylkfawbcsbjpdsvuitwdvqi