Cyclam complexes containing silica gels for dioxygen adsorption

Géraud Dubois, Raphaël Tripier, Stéphane Brandès, Franck Denat, Roger Guilard
2002 Journal of Materials Chemistry  
Several cyclam incorporating silica gels have been synthesised using three different methods, including a sol-gel approach. These various materials show different textures and the macrocycle contents can reach values up to 1.5 mmol g 21 . Cu(II) and Co(II) complexes of these modified silica gels have been studied. Finally, the efficiency of [Co(cyclam)] 21 grafted onto silica for binding dioxygen has been determined using ESR spectroscopy and static volumetric gas uptake measurements. The most
more » ... fficient material behaves as a high-performance dioxygen binding system, showing a very high affinity for dioxygen ((P 1/2 ) 1~1 .91 Torr) coupled with a large total volume of gas adsorbed at 1 atm (3.0 cm 3 g 21 ).
doi:10.1039/b203372k fatcat:c7ucg2hplbawboodo52fhnw2ge