Symmetry and universality of multifield interactions in 6−ε dimensions

A. Codello, M. Safari, G. P. Vacca, O. Zanusso
2020 Physical Review D  
We outline a general strategy developed for the analysis of critical models, which we apply to obtain a heuristic classification of all universality classes with up to three field-theoretical scalar order parameters in d ¼ 6 − ϵ dimensions. As expected by the paradigm of universality, each class is uniquely characterized by its symmetry group and by a set of its scaling properties, neither of which are built-in by the formalism but instead emerge nontrivially as outputs of our computations. For
more » ... r computations. For three fields, we find several solutions mostly with discrete symmetries. These are nontrivial conformal field theory candidates in less than six dimensions, one of which is a new perturbatively unitary critical model.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.101.065002 fatcat:fzeks6ngtrfzvj7l2b5bzeyfra