A Bootstrapping Method For Automatic Constructing Of The Web Ontology Instances And Properties

Song-Il CHA
2018 Zenodo  
With the phenomenal growth of the Web resources, to construct ontologies by using existing resources structured in the Web has gotten more and more attention. Previous studies for constructing ontologies from the Web have not carefully considered all the semantic features of the Web documents. Hereby it is difficult to correctly construct ontology elements from the Web documents that are increasing daily. The machine learning methods play an important role in automatic constructing of the Web
more » ... ucting of the Web ontology. Bootstrapping technique is a semi-supervised learning method that can automatically generate many terms from the few seed terms entered by human. This paper proposes bootstrapping method that can automatically construct instances and data type properties of the Web ontology, taking proper noun as semantic core element of the Web table. Experimental result shows that proposed method can rapidly and effectually construct instances and its properties of the Web ontology.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1343138 fatcat:tgo2yyq26bdclnv5i6asovee5e