Comparison of Corner-Butt 45 (Cb-45) and Corner-Lap (Cl) joints in friction stir welding

Widia Setiawan, Djarot B. Darmadi, Wahyono Suprapto, Rudy Soenoko, S. Ma'mun, H. Tamura, M.R.A. Purnomo
2018 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The 10 mm thick Aluminum 6061 plates have been corner joined using varied design and those were 45ᴼ Corner Butt and Corner Lap Joints (CB-45 & CL). Friction tool was hardened EMS 45. True experimental method was used with independent parameters is feed rate which varied at 10 mm/min, 15 mm/min and 30 mm/min respectively. Other parameter such as rotating speed was kept constant. Experiment results show that, CB-45 yields better properties than CL. The tensile strength of CB-45 reaches 163.7 MPa
more » ... reaches 163.7 MPa for 10 mm/min feed rate. Whilst CL produces joint with tensile strength equal 120 MPa for equal parameters. Microstructure observation showed that CB-45 produces fine and homogenous appearance of MgO compared to CL. This phenomenon is caused by the pin of CB-45 joint which fully penetrates the nugget zone which is not found in CL design. This microstructure in turn promotes higher tensile strength of CB-45.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201815401106 fatcat:at6yxogt4jbdxi34cpzdiqszxm