337 A Study on the Effect of Advection-Diffusion Ratio of Cerebral Blood Flow on Oxygen Exchange in Tissue
337 脳血流の移流・拡散割合が組織の酸素交換へ与える影響の考察

Kazunori OYAMA, Toshihiro KONDO, Masanobu OMORI, Toshihiko SUGIURA, Toshinori KATO
2008 The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference  
In re じent yoars, NIRS has been widcly utiiized fc )r mo 煎 oring oxygcn mc1abolism of human brain . Though NrRS cal) metIs し[ re two kinds of hemoglobin , only oxy − Hb has received attention as a c 撤 e抽 n f{ ) r judgment of a brain function . There 食}re , implicatlons of changes in deexy − Hb have no { been revealed enough and have to be invcStigated frOlll a physical viewp 〔 }in し In tbis stud 払 numerical simulation of oxygen trang . port to cerebral tissue is conducted to obtain transicnt
more » ... oglobin changes with different bloed flow rate Io shor し st 艮 mu 正 a 亡 ions, Our numerical rcsults suggest that increase in deoxy−Hb during stimuli sbows physiological signais coming from capillarjcs .
doi:10.1299/jsmedmc.2008._337-1_ fatcat:ofmjvtl2xvcgtj4xnxpbatli3a