Ukrainian Radio as a Sociocultural Image Maker: in Light of Academic Music Management

L. V. Obukh
2019 Culture of Ukraine  
Ключевые слова: украинское радио, менеджмент, имиджмейкер, академическая музыка, общественное вещание, украинская музыкальная культура. The management of music art, although it is focused on the laws of the market economy, however, considers mass media, including radio, as one of the important factors in shaping social culture. The aim of the article is to reveal the role of the national radio broadcasting for the development of academic music in Ukraine at the contemporary stage in light of
more » ... tage in light of music management. Research methodology is based on the use of a systemic approach and the method of information analysis and the synergetic method. Results. The Ukrainian Radio, as an important component of the Ukrainian media environment, was a public (state-owned) radio broadcaster in all the years of its existence (from 1924 to 2017). Since the year of its founding, the radio has conducted a pro-national cultural policy opening the Ukrainian culture and art to the world. In 2017, the Ukrainian Radio became part of the public broadcaster -the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine. Headed by the general producer D. Khorkin, the company implemented conceptual changes in the management of the radio environment: rebranding, efficient personnel policy, complete renewal of the broadcasting network of the three national radio channels, modern marketing, emergence of new and up-to-date programs and, as innovation, the launch of two round-the-clock online radio stations, one of which is the "UA: Classical Music" for adult audience. Novelty of the study lies in the evaluation of the contemporary national radio broadcasting as a social phenomenon in the process of popularization of academic music culture. The practical significance. The study demonstrated a need for detailed surveying of Ukrainian media products from the perspective of Ukrainian music culture. Conclusions. The active spread in the media environment (owing to the vast audio record holdings and the professional music ensembles of the Ukrainian Radio) of high-quality music products made valuable pieces of academic music accessible to ordinary listeners. A wide range of access (radio waves and the Internet) is aimed at filling the gaps in the cultural consciousness of the society and breaking the preconception of unpopularity of music art among the general public.
doi:10.31516/2410-5325.066.18 fatcat:m5nspgfyhfcatkocmxgs7eopj4