Susiati Susiati
2020 unpublished
Language in literary works contains elements of beauty. Beauty is an aspect ofaesthetics. This opinion is in line with Zulfahnur's opinion, language style and writingis one of the interesting elements in a reading. Each writer has a different style inpouring each of his writing ideas. Every writing that is produced later has a style ofwriting that is influenced by the author, so it can be said that, the character of awriter greatly influences the work he writes. This is consistent with the
more » ... stent with the opinion ofPratikno (1984: 50) that the nature, character or character of a person is different.Language style is the use of a wealth of languages, the use of certain variations toobtain certain effects, the overall language characteristics of a group of literarywriters and the unique way of expressing thoughts and feelings, both orally and inwriting. The style of language used by the author is essentially a way of usinglanguage precisely to describe the feelings and thoughts of the author which aredifferent from the everyday language patterns and are subjective. For this reason, wepresent this paper in terms of how to use language styles in general and as a wrapperfor the mind.
doi:10.31228/ fatcat:vkvmggkss5elrpysxlzddd7rwi