Peonies, iris and seasonable stock : all hardy for fall planting 1909 / [book]

1909 unpublished
The prices in this list are under the following conditions, and f9r cash with order. Sales, how e\er, to kncwn, responsitle, payirg cutton.ers, we will book before shipping season and forward orders during shipping reason, to te paid for promptly on receipt of invoice. Parties unknown or with whom we have had no business transactions, will please send cash or satisfactory security with order. Stock crdered booked in advance of shipping season, to be reserved, must be accompanied with
more » ... accompanied with at least one third of the list price; balance to be paid when shipping season arrives. ORDERS Orders are accepted only upon the condition that they shall be void should injury befall the ACCEPTED stock from frost, hail, storm, fire, cr ether causes over which we have no control. Orders placed early in the season, before full growth and maturity of the stock, are booked subject to conditions being favorable to produce the required quantity of the grade called for. GOODS SENT Goods sent C. O. D. when half the amount is sent with the order, or deposited with bank or C. 0. D. express agent and certificate sent with the order. REMITTANCE at our risk if made by Postal or Express Money Order on Sarcoxie. Mo., or by bank draft on New York, Chicago, or St. Louis. Checks on other points must be drawn with exchange. Remittances should be made payable to WILD BROS. NURSERY CO. If you have sent us an order and do not hear from us in a reasonable time, write again. We acknowledge orders of $1.00 and over, and give ORDER NUMBER, which please preserve for future correspondence. GRADES We grade carefully, in some cases by caliper, in others by height; when by both, caliper must govern. The lower number is included, the higher excluded. For instance, in a grade of 4 to 5 feet, £-ft. trees go into the next higher grade. YOUR Prices herein quoted are for your selection of varieties at respective prices given, but we SELECTION reserve the right to fill in a smaller or larger size or age than ordered, should we be out of the size or age manted, charging therefor at the size or age used in filling the order. Customers should state preference of a larger or smaller grade. When varities are ordered that we do not offer in this list, or weare out of we v ill exercise our judgment and send as nearly similarvarieties as we have at command, unless otherwise instructed on order as given, always labeling with the name of the variety filled. QUANTITIES Articles mentioned in the following list will be furnished at prices named as follows: Five of a variety at the 10 rate; 50 at the 100 rate; 500 or over at the 1000 rate; less than 5 of a variety at the single rate. This does not mean, as an illustration, that 10 pear, 10 peach, 10 apple, 10 cherry, 10 evergreens, would be charged at the 100 rate. To secure this rate it is necessary to order 50 trees or plants of a variety. However, \^hele stock is oflered "in assortment," for example, apple, you may order 50 or more trees, in assortment of not less than 10 of a variety, at the 100 rate Not less than 10 plants sold of Black berry. Dewberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Asparagus, or Horseradish sets. SHIPPING Please give shipping directions, freight or express; also route. If none are given we forward to the best of our judgment, in no case assuming responsibility, as all goods travel at purchaser's risk and expense. If notified of delay in transit, we will use our efforts to trace such shipments. Unless otherwise instructed, we release freight shipments to value of $5.00 or $3.00 per cwt., according to classification governing, when necessary, in order that customers may obtain the lower freight rates thereby. On shipment of stock in good order our control ceases, hence our responsibility also, and we do not guarantee stock to live, nor do we replace free of charge that which dies or fails to grow, nor can we, as success or failure depends largely upon climatic conditions, planting, after care, etc.
doi:10.5962/bhl.title.102189 fatcat:a3yxfm2bk5aulhbwvdxmseb6qm